Austria: Carinthia | Slovenia: Upper Carniola

Faak . Klagenfurt . Seeberg . Ljubljana

kolesarja popotnika 180 km
September 2020 : 2 days
<b>Dobro jutro</b>. We decided to go on a quick international tour. <b>F</b>__<b>k</b>, we have to pedal again. In the past years we have cycled through almost the whole Austrian Carinthia in several stages. And we always like to come back these places. This time we chose a route that we haven't ridden (together) yet. For example the path to … … to Pyramidenkogel. It’s the tallest wooden lookout tower in the world. The Slovene call the lake after the town Velden, and the Germans after the village Otok (Wörth or Werd, which is an old German word for island). We chose the least risky route for the descent into the valley. Maximal 3-dimensional social distance was guaranteed. Is there anything open in Klagenfurt? What about Paris? This store has many things but we don’t have enough space for them. Carinthia has a diversified cycling network, so diversified that they are unable to manage all of the greenery. I jumped straight into the warm water immediately after I took this selfie. The friendly 4-legged neighbour wanted to help us, while an even friendlier 2-legged neighbour made us coffee. We don’t always have to ride on a separate bike paths. We are also satisfied with a wide bike lane. The French started making cars from natural materials years ago. We refreshed and quench our thirst with natural mineral water. We replaced our gears with smaller ones. And easily started to climb up the hill. Next time we will replace the rear gears and we won't even have to pedal. <i>Her mit den Corona-Papieren!</i> The Seeland valley got its name after a big glacial lake, which (unfortunately) began to drain in 1348. The lake must have been really massive if it hasn’t drained yet. A sign? Yes, there was a storm here after 1 hour. We came home dry from Seeland in just 2 hours. We added another short but pleasant tour to our travel archive.

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