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Actually I am a very normal guy. I have a stressful job. Every day I look at two big screens for 10 hours and even though I work all day my boss is threatening to fire me. Sometimes I wish that after 25 years I finally would get fired. But because I'm my own boss and that RM design is my company that isn't going to happen until I retire. Isn't that great? I can work whenever I want and how much I want - that means that I have to work all the time.

I graduated from multimedia on the Institute and Academy of Multimediaa long time ago. In the year 2013 I graduated for the second time on the Faculty of Media.

I ride my bike to my office. That way I work out 2 times a day when I go to work and back home.

Unterberg Unterberg

Podgora (=Under a Mountain) where I live doesn't have to do anything with mountains. There is a smaller hill near me that is enough for maintaining condition and relaxation because you don't meet anyone there.

Every beginning is easy
My first tours were short. When I was in primary school me and my schoolmate went home on foot (10 km) instead of by bus. The trip when we climbed Triglav - the highest mountain in Slovenia (2.864 m), swam to the Bled islet and went crazy in the disco in the evening (all in the same day), was amazing, but I still can't take it seriously.

In the year 1996, I walked 25 kilometers to Ljubljana. Next year I walked over the Pohorje plateau. I made the tours longer over time and when 100 kilometers long tours were like a piece of cake I went from Zürich - where I was born - on foot over the Alps to Slovenia. That was the longest tour so far.

Faster speed Potovalno kolo CULT

In the year 2010 I changed the way of traveling. I bought a travel bike. I was planning cycling over Iceland but I had to reschedule it. Mostly because of my job and not because of the volcano dust.

For the past 8 years my son Aleks (15 year old) has been following me on the tours. We have cycled through many European countries.

Traveling Adventures
• Expectations • Positive restlessness • Tension •
• Changing the environment • Getting to know people • New experiences •
• Moving • Air • Freedom •
• Find directions • Random sights • Unexpected events •
• Research • Learning • Memory •
• Breaks • Tasty cuisine • Local specialties •
• Photography experimentation •
• Adventure • Enjoyment • Relaxation •
• Experiencing the Tour • Itinerary •

Robert Mihelčič TV

On my longer trips, several reporters and journalists have accompanied me even from other countries. Some reporters waited for me on the tours. I had to choose a place that I haven't visited in my life for a meeting with the ZürichSee newspaper reporter in advance. I briefly guessed when I'm going to be there. I was only a couple minutes late. Nowadays when everybody has a smartphone that would have been much easier. I tried avoiding meetings like that as much as I could. Once a journalist was angry at me because I was late only a few minutes late, and that at 100 kilometers on foot. That is why I completed the interviews on the go, over the phone or after the tours.

I was invited to many radio stations as a guest. When I was walking from Carinthia to Metlika along the Slovenian-Croatian border a reporter in Klagenfurt asked me: »How did you get here from Ljubljana?« and I answered: »Well, on foot!«

Robert Mihelčič Radio DUR

After Party
Cycling tourism is a theme that I was lecturing at the Higher Vocational College for Hospitality and Tourism Bled.

Predavanje: Kolesarstvo+cesta: kako kolesarji vidimo in občutimo asfaltne površine

On The Slovenian Asphalt Pavement Association meeting, I presented Cycling + Road: How cyclists see and feel the roads?
I created this bike travel web page because I wanted to capture, digitalize and keep my tours in one place. All banners, logos, graphics and the shape of the web page is my own work (of course, who's would it be?). My son Aleks translated the reportages to English. Some pages are translated in German.

Kolesar Robert Mihelčič


My cycling trips:
• Berchtesgaden | Bavaria, Germany | September 2019: 164 km
• Lake Millstatt ~ Lake Ossiach ~ Lake Wörth ~ Lake Faak | Austria | August 2019: 221 km
• From Amsterdam over the Netherlands and Belgium to Cologne in Germany | June 2019: 594 km
• From Salzburg along eastern Bavaria and Upper Austria | September 2018: 543 km
• From Villach along the Drau river to Weissensee lake and Gailtal | August 2018: 142 km
• Czech Republic: from Lake Lipno, along the Vltava River to Prague | June 2018: 510 km
• From Milano over Switzerland to Innsbruck | June 2018: 498 km
• Around the Lake Neusiedl, through Vienna and to Bratislava | September 2017: 358 km
• Over South Tyrol to lake Como and lake Garda | June 2017: 405 km
• Spring of the river Drau ~ Brenner Pass ~ Innsbruck ~ Munich | June 2017: 400 km
• Arround Lake Balaton, Hungary | September 2016: 244 km
• Italy: Venice ~ San Marino ~ Rimini | June 2016: 377 km [SLO]
• Spring of the river Drau ~ Cortina d'Ampezzo ~ Venice | June 2016: 304 km [SLO]
• Over South Tyrol ~ Garda lake ~ Venice | September 2015: 495 km [SLO]
• Along river Rhine and around Lake Constance (Austria ~ Germany ~ Swiss) | June 2015: 328 km [SLO]
• Parenzana (Slovenia ~ Croatia) | June 2015: 225 km [SLO]
• Mur Cycling Path: Tamsweg - Graz - Marburg | June 2014: 320 km [SLO]
• Salzburg - Bad Gastein - Villach - Tarvis - Ljubljana | September 2013: 379 km [SLO]
• Kranjska Gora - Tarvis - Udine - Grado - Triest - Sežana | June 2013: 296 km [SLO]
• Murska Sobota - Lendava - Varaždin - Ptuj | June 2012: 165 km [SLO]
• Venice - Chioggia - Lido di Iesolo - Lignano - Triest - Izola | June 2012: 370 km [SLO]
• Drau Cycling Path: Innichen - Villach - Maribor - Ljubljana | September 2010: 609 km [SLO]

Longer walks:
• Rateče – Vršič – Triglav Lakes – Bohinj | September 2003: 50 km
• Zürich – Ljubljana | 20th June - 8th July 2002: 700 km [SLO]
• Ljubljana – Celje | June 2002: 80 km
• Ljubljana – Novo mesto | February 2002: 80 km
• Ljubljana - Male Lašče | July 2001: 35 km
• Klagenfurt – Metlika | 13–17th April 2001: 190 km [SLO]
• Lendava – Piran | 20th June – 2nd July 2000: 390 km [SLO]
• Ljubljana – Krško | April 2000: 90 km
• Snežnik | 12–13th February 2000: 52 km [SLO]
• Ljubljana – Portorož | 18-21th June 1998: 150 km [SLO]
• Pohorje | June 1997: 70 km

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